Sorry… what was that?

Do we speak oddly?

Last time we were in America and Canada, I don’t recall being asked to repeat ourselves sooo many times. It must the accents, everytime we go into a restaurant they ask us to repeat ourselves.

Maybe it is becuase we aren’t yelling!

When we were in Cambria (just before Hearst Castle), we went out for dinner and we could hear the conversation at the other tables – people were speaking sooo loudly! Maybe it is just us.


  1. Anonymous · September 29, 2004

    I always thought the easiset way to get unlost in the USA was to ask for directions to Main Street because every town has one. I was inevitably greeted with a quizzical expression and a statement like, \’Mine street? sorry never heard of a \’mine\’ street, where do you folks come from anyhow? What languauge do you normally speak?\’Good luck, talk loudly and slowly and use hand gestures like you see American\’s doing in Europe.Interestingly Canadians have no trouble understanding us, must be something in the British umbilical cord.John & Feli


  2. Kym · October 1, 2004

    I am speaking LOUDER these days! As we head north the Americans are getting quieter. Except perhaps St Helens!


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