I’m here test driving a Powerbook G4 at Compusa on Market Street. Nice, sleek and silver.

Just got off the F trolley (Tram), a 1947 Philadelphia Model, SF has 17 historic models collected from around the US. Seen many Sea Lions near Pier 39.

About to have a look around downtown to by a 3 day pass. We caught the cable car on the way back because the hills are TOO STEEP to walk!

Still no photos. Will hopefully rectify soon.



  1. Anonymous · September 28, 2004

    qbout to run out of ti,e – in pqris, exensive, no postcqrds qnd foreign keyboqrds!!!!!!!!!!!qnd hqve lost ?qkr qnd Cqrolyn


  2. Anonymous · September 29, 2004

    Why does it not surprise me that you have memorised the tram\’s technical specs?


  3. Kym · October 1, 2004

    There are too many street cars to memorise their specs. Sorry to disappoint you! It is also good to see that Peter is attempting to communicate using a French keyboard. In the US they have English keyboards but don\’t understand spoken South Australian too well.


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