Seattle Public Library…

I’ve been… it’s large, imposing, fantastic structure, seats are comforable, atmosphere is great. There are about 140+ computers for public to use – talk about a quite group of 130 people!!! They even have a card catalogue system still in addition to the on-line database! Approx 10,000 panes of glass… imagine all that cleaning – which I can tell you after going on a tour happens twice a year.

Chidren’s section is great, large, table and shelves are perfect for kids.

However…. what is really sad, and I mean really sad is that the building cost $163US million (no it is not the cost that is bad), all over the damn library are signs created on Microsoft Word stuck on walls with blue tape. I am not joking, I am totally serious. When we can add pictures I will show you. All over the building you see signs that tell you what things are, and not to mention “Staff only”. The major signs are great – as they are incorporated into the building and the areas however the other directive signs are non-existant. You will be lucky to attempt to find the area you want unless you know where the location is or you have a map. The person who took the tour did not want to go into the sign issue much – although apparently there is a signage committee attempting to work on this issue. Sounds like something was forgotten in the planning.

I will add more later… when I have time. Currently I’m standing using the computer in the hotel lobby.

HK 🙂


  1. Anonymous · October 6, 2004

    Seems like we cant get enough of them libraries! Dont forget the good old smelly one back here!!Were being very productive while u\’ve been away and we set a record Saturday, go us!!!Have fun on ur holidayARCS-JCSE/SEJC (We havn\’t decided which order yet!)


  2. helen · October 9, 2004

    Well done .. whatever it was> Glad to see you are all keeping busy.. and enjoying shelving.You must of shelved the entire library and finished early for the day (although I can\’t see Tanya allowing that!).While strolling through The Vancouver Library I did note the large amount of shelving that they were doing – not to mention the number of people shelving… if you have time they obviously need help!


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