Banff Public Library…

Very cute library. Situated below the senior citizens centre.

The opening hours are great (take a look!) for the public.

As you come in there is a wide foyer (including booksale stand) and then the circulation desk. They also like you to turn off your mobile phones (okay hands up who would like to see that in SA) The library is fairly busy with tourists checking their e-mail. They do change you $1 for 15 minutes if you are checking e-mail (think of the money raising potential!), which is pretty good. They don’t charge you if you are not. I think this is fair given the amount of people they would get through here.

The noise level is pretty quite – no phones (ah), just people typing.

Large signs are everywhere indicating the collections and number areas. What is really cute is, while they may use the Dynix system (you can see behind the desk from where the 1st computer is located) they still stamp books in the from with a due date stamp – its very cute. The public have flat screens to use with the opacs. The music is colour coded (so simple to use!), and the children’s section is cosy.

A great local library! The staff are friendly too.

Although it doesn’t look like they have a library bag though.. , can’t have everything.

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