As a tourist..

In Bannff we went up the Gondola and swam in the Banff Springs.

At the time we went up it was 7 degrees at the top.

However, while staying in Banff we did lash out and stayed at the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel. Our most expensive place on the trip – but it was delightful. However the reason I mention this was that on the map they give you it says “a short walk/hike to the Banff Springs and Gondola.” I am sorry to inform these people – but it is in no way a short walk. A hike, yes. To me a walk is a covered footpath with SIGNS. The signs on this path were few and few between – okay the signs were coloured tape attached to trees. Ah a yellow peice of tape we must be going the right way. Of course we didn’t take the umbrellas and it was about 10 degrees out, and the path was slightly muddy, and it was a horse trail. I’ll leave the rest of the walk up to your imaginations. All I will say is that we made up it, and back down again.

The spings themselves were a hot 41 degrees – and there was light rain fall. We had the pool to ourselves for 15 minutes – given the cold weather this turned a few people off. The cost was cheap $7.50 (trust me this is cheap). A holiday highlight.


  1. Anonymous · October 19, 2004

    Hello Helen and KymI must say your comments regarding the Banff springs you recently visited cast my mind back to my time in Africa when we got to see some hot springs and bathe in them. I am envious!!!Your picture of the seals on the docks looks similar to a photo that I have of a group of seals at the Waterfront in Cape Town.I hope you are enjoying yourself. I like to see what you are getting up to. Can\’t understand the whole library thing though……..Mel ChapmanMERI


  2. Anonymous · October 19, 2004

    Hello Kym and HelenAfter looking around this website, I now know that Helen is in fact a librarian, hence the interest in libraries!!Keep the updates coming. I\’m noticing a familiar pattern of the photos you\’ve shown us so far – you both aren\’t in them!!!! Whats the deal with that.MelMERI


  3. Kym · October 24, 2004

    I was going to comment earlier Mel, but I can see that you worked it out. There is a prize anyone who can guess how many canvas library bags have been collected this holiday!


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