Libraries in PEI…


There are a number of libraries all over the island which are connected. They still appear to be using Dynix (surprise!).

we went to two – one in Summerside and one in Charlottetown. The one in Summerside was titled “Rotary Public Library”, and was housed int eh old train station. Packed the collections and equipment in (8 PC terminals + more OPACS). There were two staff on duty – given that there was approx 7 people in the library apart from us – seems resonable.

Teenagers in these libraries don’t appear to be served well. They have their standard book collection and magazine collection. Graphic Novels? I don’t think anyone has heard of them there! I know I shouldn’t be so harsh – given that I didn’t ask anyone about it.

When we called in the library at Charlottetown, they were setting up for a session of adults near the fiction at the back of the library (session on a Sunday afternoon – sounds familiar!! 🙂 ) The library itself was fairly busy. They did have a security guard… why I don’t know. It is PEI – they don’t appear to take money for anything. He wandered around the place and flicked through magazines & books every so often. Poor bloke he looked bored!

Teen section there was sooo small – I couldn’t take a photo because a person was sitting in the area and I was trying to be inconspicous. Children’s section was upstairs – looks roomy.

Sadly no Library Bag!!! Don’t these people realise their marketing potential??? “We used to have them a few years ago but now we have plastic bags”. Sigh. At least they publish a large booklet on activities for the season.

HK 🙂

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