San Deigo Public Library…

Wow – believe it or not on the tourist map there is a “Library Circle” listed. We thought – wow a library that is actually listed on the map. Okay we walked there… guess what… it won’t be there until 2007!!!

I must admit that after visiting the currently library, I can see why! They definately need a new library. The Library looked like it was built in the late 60’s – 70’s and nothng had changed. They still had all the wooden shelves – heaven forbid if they have a fire.

They had a separate area for different sections (fiction, literature, reference, childrens, AV, etc). On entry there were two desks – checkin and out then you walked another 5 paces and you had a security desk (thank-god we don’t need these permanently!!), and on the opposite side an information desk – staff by two people. I think I counted at least 12 staff within the first 10 paces of the library. Further on was a stack request desk, and another desk in each sections staffed by at least 2-4 people. I would love to know their stats.

However, on the Library Bag front, I have failed again. No Library Bag for sale. The friendly person at the information desk did tell in that in their new library they will have a store and will sell library related type products.

I must admit after visiting all the library stores (or lack of them) I certainly have an idea about what they should and shouldn’t stock.

Nearly home – and we are out of towns and libraries. Currently in LA.

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