Hello from Provence

I am typing this while I upload some more photos. I hope you enjoy them.

This cycling trip is occuring during the pleasant temperature range of 30 (in the morning) to 35 (in the afternoon). To test us, our first part of the trip involved a hill climb to see the Abby of Frigolet.

From there it has been reasonably flat especially in the Camarague.

The food has been everything we expected – very tasty and breakfast fulfilling in a very French way.

I thought coming to France again would break some of the stereotypes Australians have about the French. But it is true that there have been many French people cycling with baguettes. For that matter there have been many French people walking with baguettes.

The one shop that you can guarantee will be open at any time in provence is the Boulangerie.

But I understand why!

Any way off to send some photos.

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