Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake
Originally uploaded by kdt.

The food at the wedding was magnificent!

We started with apertif, then the first course was foie gras – yummy. Then there was a fish pie and scallops – fantastic! Afterwards there was a sorbet (unsure what kind but it tasted great). For the main we had beef, which was very tender with shredded potatoe and tomatie with breadcrumbs on top. After which we then had cheese and bread followed by the wedding cake which was profiteroles ans a cake with strawberries and cream and toffee. C’est magnifique!!! Not to mention an abundance of wine throughout the meal. While everyone arrived at the reception 7pm, we didn’t sit down to eat until approximately between 9 & 10pm. But the meql itself was not finished until 1:30ish in the morning. We left at 5pm!

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