Barbizon Library

Barbizon Library
Originally uploaded by Helen K.

Some of you may notice the lack of library photos from this holiday. They aren´t as easy to find here! However whenever I have found one it has been shut – which is probably a good thing.

The opening hours have been interesting – take a look at these. I wonder if my work place would like to change to these hours but shtill pay me the same. oh well I can dream 🙂

Barbizon Library is a little town – which reminds me of Harndorf but without the piped music. The shops are very cute, and the buildings are lovely. When we can get to a computer terminal that enables us to use USB I will add some photos to my flickr page.

Easy Internet Cafe computers are %$·”. They still use Windows 98!!!

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  1. Anonymous · July 19, 2005

    wow … now that\’s really a casual position


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