Barcelona and all that

Sorry no photos today. Easyinternet sucks big time. It uses Windows 98 and the USB port is completely dead. Grumble – I´ll boycott them in London so hopefully you´ll get to see some photos soon.

Barcelona has hit the top 10 of my favourite cities in the world. The old town is a walkers paradise with a myriad of tiny pedestrainised paths hiding all sorts of fascinating things. For those gunzels out there its public transport system is integrated, its prices reasonable and its metro makes it a breeze to get around.

The Spanish experience commenced on the night train, which offered a comfortable service with everything in Spanish and Spanish speaking staff only. The food on board the train was good too. We had thought we had left the French speaking world behind. But our dinner companions was an elderly artist from Paris, who had lived in Melbourne from 1947 to 1950 and wished to speak in English to us Australians because he has fond memories of Melbourne. He was travelling with his brother in law from Switzerland. It is a sad day when my French has to be relied on for translations.

We´ve seen lots of art and lots of hot sweaty bodies. Gorged ourselves on Paella and other good food. Tonight its the turn of the Tapas bar washed down with good local beer. Tomorrow we return by night train so I will be filled again with good spanish food.

I need to increase my fitness regime and go on a diet when I come back.

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