Before it was carved

Before it was carved, originally uploaded by Helen K.

Here is a poor duck before it was carved up.

Well you may know Helen and I have been in search of Adelaide’s best Peking Duck and so far it is probably Citizen in King William Street. We have had one duck in Beijing and so far it is the best we’ve had in China. Indeed it was very good! Quite different that in Adelaide.

Firstly, we had the whole duck carved up, no second dish like duck noodle or rice. Secondly, the taste was let’s say more adult or less Australian. I think Australian ducks are influenced by the tradition of chinese food being quite sweet. Peking Duck and the sauce in Adelaide are also quite sweet. Not so here.

Also, the food wasn’t sullied with the staple of rice!! Special occasions deserve special food. Rice is an every day food.

If you want to see more photos of our duck and the restaurant then visit Helen’s flickr pages. Some of her new photos are shown to the right of this post, and a quick scan can be had by clicking on the photo page at the top.

One comment

  1. Skye · August 3, 2009

    Nice pic guys. I guess the other difference is that in Adelaide they may not serve it on the table with the head still attached…


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