Foodie Report #2

Copenhagen, originally uploaded by Helen K.

Foodie Report #2

Wow, time has flown. It is our last day of our vacation and I haven’t written a foodie report since early July. It could be because we’ve only been eating at McDonalds, Quick and Mos Burger. But that isn’t true. Rather it is because we have been rather occupied by eating good food.

He are the 2011 Vacation Foodie Awards – Part 1.

The “Oh my god do you expect me to cycle up that steep hill” award goes to the Burnside Brace Guesthouse for cooking a great FULL english breakfast. What followed was a hill that at points had a 17% gradient. Also very good breakfasts came from Lowbyer Manor Country House and Norcroft Guest House.

The “Wow, can this really be that good” award goes to the Danish Grilled Medister. Yes it is a sausage with mustard, tomato sauce, onion chips and a soft bread roll sold from vans from the side of the road. But, it is bloody good and we should bring it to Australia.

The “Home sick and two Michelin stars” award goes to The Ledbury amazing food and amazing wine everything you’d expect from two Michelin stars. It started of a little frosty at the front door but warmed up wonderfully with Luke the very engaging Aussie sommelier. He provided a wonderful wine education from around the world. I just hope to remember some of it. The Chef Brett Graham is also from Australia. (Note for David if you find your future wife in London this is the place to go to pop the question!!)

The “Sweetest town on Earth” award is jointly awarded to Paris and Tokyo. The most amazing sweet and cake shops on the planet are in these two towns. My only question is how come people in Paris and especially Tokyo are so skinny?

The “That’s not Pudding” award goes to the Brew Pub in Copenhagen. After a great meal of beer braised pork cheeks I had a pudding of summer berries. The only thing missing was the “pudding”. It was like a summer berries soup with cream. Yumm! A special mention goes to the on-venue brewed beers and the tasting flight option!

The “Most Showy Dish” award goes to Restaurant Herman for its dish of Scandinavian Shellfish and Bisque of Dried Chamomile. It was presented in amazing two level bowl. The first level emitted chamomile infused steam adding smell to the taste sensation!

… more awards to come.

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