Food can be cheap…

In Tokyo you can find food at all prices. From the very cheap to expensive.

Sunday night a couple of friends were kind enough to take us to a fabulous restaurant on the 41(?) floor. Amazing view… and we enjoyed a variety of dishes. The sashimi in this photo was only 2,000 (Yen)… yes you did read that price correctly. It was the chefs special. The taste was even better! It was a great meal which we really enjoyed.

Tokyo - day 1

Morning! from Kyoto

Today we are in Kyoto. This breakfast is my favourite part of any visit to Kyoto, and always enjoyable.  I don’t know how anyone can not eat it all!

If you are wondering what it includes there is grilled salmon, cold tofu, pickles, miso soup, rice, egg rolls, fresh fruit and tea.  Just the perfect combination!

kym at breakfast

Ah… The Japanese breakfast

Last Japanese breakfast today. When we entered the room we were asked if we wanted Japanese breakfast…. YES! Man it was fantastic, the fish was lovely, as was all the accompaniments. We finished it off with a coffee – in the hope of staying awake.

This food will be missed!





After a long day

On our first visit to Kyoto (2008), we were desperate for dinner and didn’t want junk food, so we tempted fate and opened the door to a small bar – which served yakitori. It’s a great little bar which does really good food. Locals come here after work, and it appears to be run by a family (mother daughter and a couple of sons). I can highly recommend it – however we have no idea what it is called because there is no Japanese translation!

I can navigate from Adelaide without a map, it’s imprinted on the brain. This time the only noticeable change a combined Japanese & English menu. Otherwise it’s still the same, and food is still fab.




Resting feet…

We’ve seen a few temples Okazaki, eaten lunch near Kodai-jai temple, then down through Gion where we saw a car rally finish. Bought some pickles from one of the oldest pickle shops in Kyoto. Enjoying a coffee while resting. So far we’ve walked 9.3km today!


Vending machines

So much choice!

There are also healthy options in vending machines. But thee seem to be rare. We did try one… The response time for the item to come out is a little slow compared to other machines



Okay what is the deal with getting a packet of potato chips when you order a sandwich in the USA?

A few times we ordered a sandwich (even in middle of Orwell and the sandwich was $4.59), and were told “you get a packet of chips with that, choose from the end”. The sandwich as you can see was large enough and perfect for a hungry cyclist battling wind and rain. I have to say the sandwich was fabulous!

If you’re going to ask – did I eat the chips? Absolutely.


Laduree part 2

Paris, originally uploaded by Helen K.

You aren’t allowed to take photos in the take away section…. But in the food parlour you can – too hard to police, and lots of tourists!

Kym ate this…. Looks great doesn’t it! 🙂