Sometimes deviations reward

In Kanazawa we heard about the Tonami Tulip Festival. We thought it would be a good day trip. We did our research and had a look at good old Google Maps, it said that Tonami was about 30kms away from Kanazawa. We could take a Shinkansen, local trains, or we could ride our bikes.

I thought no worries. It would be be about 1hr 30 minutes on the bike at our normal speed.

With that research we proceeded to put the details into the Garmin. I didn’t pay too much attention. What Mr Google didn’t tell me was that Mr Garmin would chose a different route. This route was closer to 54km (taking the back roads I think) and it included mountain along the way.

Thankfully it was a small mountain with a temple on top. Aweseome views and great, cheap, food.

What you may have worked out, it talk longer than 1.5 hours, it took as more than 4hrs! The flowers were worth it.

Sometimes optimism bias leads you to do things that you may not otherwise have thought as wise, and perhaps giving you rewards that you never expected.

You’d be pleased to know that we took the Shinkansen back to Kanazawa.

Tokyo train theory…

  Based on my experience using trains in Tokyo, people are doing one three things:

  • Use their phone
  • Read printed material
  • Falling/is asleep

Based on visual monitoring, I believe 6 out of every 7 people are using their phones. The remaining one is either reading a book (yes folks people are still reading printed material), or partially both.  You can see this from the above picture when looking at the seven people sitting on the bench seat.  Always amazed at how people can quickly wake up and get off at a stamp.

The only time this figure of reading printed material changes is when the train is at literally crush capacity, the books are put away.  Surprisingly a few people still manage to maintain reading their phones.  The need to hang on while the train in motion no longer applies as you are packed in like sardines, to everyone.  

And phone of choice…? Appears to be a smart phone.  Too hard to distinguish between different brands, as there are so many. Although I acknowledge to seeing a rather large number of flip phones – ah technology.

A craft and marker fair on steroids

Today we are at the Japan Hobby Show 2016.  A combination of craft, hobby products, sellers, and makers. It is like nothing we have seen – it is huge! Surprisingly it also included food and cooking – so we’ve sampled a lot of food which has been fabulous!  There is a real value on handmade and creating it yourself – it’s been great to experience…