Yesterday was a long day, as it involved a 4+ hour drive from Dunedin to Christchurch.  Can’t say I am fond of the road (oh the bumpy bridges!) or the cars who sit too close to you when you are travelling at 100km per hour.

On the bright side on the way we stopped at the Morreaki Boulders.  


I thought they were great… But I suspect Kym thought there would be more given the signage.  They are pretty impressive and certainly worth the stop.



Happy Birthday Kym!

This year Kym could not have another birthday in Australia, given I have been o/s a number of times.

We’ve had a great day cycling around looking at graffiti and going to the best coffee shops in Christchurch – great fun!


Fabulous views

The west coast of New Zealand is pretty stunning. We had a great room which overlooked the Shotover river. While in Queenstown we had a great time doing the Shotover jet boat which goes at amazing speeds close to the rocks – totally eexhilarating!  We also took the gondola up to top of the mountain and too a couple of turns on the luge up there.  Sorry to disappoint people, but we gave the bungee jump a miss!


Will post more photos when internet is not flakey.