Roads and bridges…

Driving in New Zealand has proved to be interesting.  So far, at least on the West Coast we have passed over many bridges which are only one lane in width.  

Drive around Hokitika

This means quite often you have to give way to traffic coming the other direction!  One bridge we went over near Greymouth was also used by a train, which cars have to give way.

West Coast NZ

From the photos above you can see the sign next to the bridge, and the smaller arrow refers to the side who has to give way.  Surprisingly enough it does work… But pleased we have not come across a large truck or bus!

West coast whitebait frenzy

The west coast of New Zealand and their love affair with whitebait is pretty amazing. Where else would the lateness of their run would make front page news? Where else would a town dedicate an entire festival to these tiny fish – with shops showing kids paintings of white bait. Where else would every restaurant have a white bait speciality? Where else would a hotel lift have whitebait artwork? Where else would you be able to get a glass of wine with the name whitebait (p.s. It goes well with whitebait).

Luckily we love a bit of whitebait. So far we’ve tested..


Whitebait pancakes

West Coast NZ

Whitebait fritters on toast

West Coast pizza NZ

Whitebait pizza

Sad demise of trolley buses in Wellington

I was excited by seeing trolley bus infrastructure in Wellington. This was only to be met by sadness on finding the news that Wellington Council plans to shutdown the entire network by 2017. I can tell you that diesel buses impose negatively both in terms of noise and particulate pollution on downtown Wllington. Here is to hoping that the proposed diesel electric buses are run in electric mode in the downturn area. Perhaps, they are better, only time will tell.

Trolley bus infrastructure