In transit again….

We’ve had a morning of fun with visiting the Centre Pompidou, another patisserie, and a last bike ride. Ah… We will upload the photos later.

Currently sitting in the airport lounge in Charles de Gaulle, after clearing customs and bag check (ahhhh). I will say it was eventful (I must be getting desperate for entertinment). Someone left a bag in the middle of an entrance. Officials cleared half the checkin terminal in 2E. This is fine however, we were in the middle of a bag re-pack. Yes, I did say bag re-pack, as Kym’s bag weighed 26kg and mine weighed 22kg. The allowed luggage is 24kg per bag… this resulted in me sitting on the floor reorganizing my case. I hurried up, re-packed, and we moved away from the area along with everyone else. We noticed a sudden rush of people back to the check-in area – so we joined. Announcements…. what are such things?!

Back at check-in, luggage reweighed Kym’s weighed 22kg, and mine weighed 22kg, with additional items acceded. How this is possible, I have no idea, but the luggage was accepted. Hooray!

Normally when we travel, we don’t have access to lounges (yeah premium economy!), but we have on this occasion. I will say, so far the lounge we experienced in Japan wins hands down, followed closely by Qantas in Sydney. This one is a very poor cousin, food is ok if a packet of chips, vegetarian slice, wine, or coffee is what you need. I don’t need any of those, but I did eat a packet of chips. I don’t know what possessed me…. Must be the thought of the flight. Next post will be from the otherwise of the pond!


What should you do when you have 27 hours left in Paris?

Paris, originally uploaded by Helen K.

As a tourist, it is a difficult question to answer. There are so many options available. Do you go shopping, or try to fit in a couple of galleries? Added to this, prior to leaving, we received a list of top patisseries in Paris worth visiting, provided by Jonny and Eddy who run “From Scratch…” at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market. We certainly had a tough time deciding. The decision was easy – it was patisseries! The reviews to follow:

Laduree (many places all over Paris), on Rue Bonaparte. We decided to take afternoon tea. I had lemon citron tart, and Kym had pistachio macron with berries. The tart was delightful. The pastry edging was even with the filling smooth, and was perfect for my liking…ah. I can not comment on what Kym ate, as he refused to share – it must of been good!