Food Trucks

This is a catch-up post. H had left the food trucks for me to do… But, I never wrote that post.

There is no doubt that food trucks are important for encouraging innovation in Adelaide. Let’s hope that burden of red-tape doesn’t drown them.

In the United States – the street food scene is vibrant especially in New York. Below are our experiences with food trucks.

New York
There a food trucks in New York but they are not so easy to find. There are certainly a lot of street vendors selling lots of hot dogs and pretzels. Some, however, seemed to have especially long lines.

We found four trucks in New York. Funnily enough, two of them were dumpling trucks. The first was in Times Square and was a snack after a show and three were along the five boro bike tour. At the Conedison rest stop there was free grilled cheese quarter sandwiches and at the bike festival we benefited from a short queue at the japanese dumpling truck and followed by dessert from the waffle truck (all incriminating photos have been destroyed).

Times Square Dumplings

Quarter Sandwiches
Five Boro Bike Tour - NYC '13

Staten Island

The presence of food trucks seemed to be much more obvious in Boston. There was a daily congregation of food trucks near South Station. We had the pleasure of sampling three trucks. The first was completely unexpected in somewhat deserted area in an old port area around the corner from the Institute of Contemporary Art. Their name says it all the Chicken & Rice Guys… they sell chicken and rice.

Chicken n Rice

When in New England one must eat lobster. What better place to get a lobster roll from than the Boston Shuckin Truck. This was followed by dessert from

Boston Shuckin Truck

Me eat cookie! Om nom nom nom!

Night New York Bike Ride

Yes, it is true, we are back from our holiday. But sometimes you realise that you had so much fun, that you forgot some important posts. So, here is the first of a number of catch-up posts that I will make to the blog – so that in the future, I will remember what I did!

Certainly one of the highlights of our trip was a 6 hour night bike tour of New York. We saw a lot of lower Manhattan and experienced the different night life in these areas. The tour is operated by Bike the Big Apple.

While it was a cool night, it was clear and dry – making for some good photographs. I was testing the limits of my Canon EOS M. Greater camera if you can wait for it to focus – whassup Canon? As you will see below, it operates surprisingly well in low light.

Riding the backstreets of China Town
NYC night bike tour

Alongside the Brooklyn Bridge
NYC night bike tour

Riding up the Brooklyn Bridge
NYC night bike tour

Skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge
NYC night bike tour

No Cars on Wall Street – but Bikes are o.k.
NYC night bike tour

I prefer NY traffic over Adelaide traffic.
NYC night bike tour

Washington Square Arch
NYC night bike tour

The Standard of the High Line
NYC night bike tour

Times Square
NYC night bike tour

One flight done, two to go….

Ah… One 4+ hours flight complete (let’s not mention the tarmac sitting, and delays before take off).

As I had seen majority of the movies on the last flight to the USA, I commenced watching b-grade American comedy called episodes. I had already completed one book, and didn’t have the heart to turn on the iPad to read something else. I can also report I’ve watched something called Trollied and On the go…. all of which are unlikely to make it to a free tv channel. However, if you do see them listed save yourselves. Your time is more valuable, so don’t say you weren’t warned.

Okay…. Long flight up next.

LA Qantas Lounge


Farewell….. North America

This morning we walked to a coffee shop (one we had been to previously) and enjoyed a cappuccino, and a scone. Which looks more like a cake.

Coffee and Scone
Coffee - Friday AM.  NYC

Afterwards we walked down 6th Avenue, then 5th up to the Metropolitan Art Museum as we had a spare couple of hours. The Met is a huge gallery, which I am sure would take all day if you were to do it properly. All I can say it is easy to get lost – despite the map. By the time we left the rain had started again. While we have had a great time (cycled over 600km in the past four weeks), we are looking forward to coming home – okay apart from the flight…..


Last meal

Our last full day in NYC has us at our starting point 4 weeks ago – sitting and eating fabulous food and a glass of wine and beer in Eataly (Thanks Etica for the heads up!).

Dinner at Birreria in Eataly


Only decision left is what to have for dessert..


… and to avoid the rain as the roof has just been opened!