Breakfast ride…

Cycling is always a good start to the day – so we decided to cycle to breakfast.

Cycling from Wallaroo to Kadina is a mere 8km. The route is simple – as it is along the old rail trail. The benefit of this means the route is largely flat – and easy to find.

AS you can see but he photo the path is pretty wide and good enough for gophers. Just take a closer look at the symbols on the signed post.

There are a few times you have to cross roads – but the sight lines are really good, and there is not much traffic. Along the rail trail there are a number of historical signs, and shelters and seats. The scenery surrounding the ride was farms, run-down buildings, fields.

The weather for the ride was pretty good – as you can tell by the photos it was a perfect morning.

Getting to Kadina is easy.. and getting to the centre of town when you reach the end of the trail is even easier by the large sign which tells you “town centre”. Following the road takes you to the centre of town and the array of small shops and historical buildings.

Thankfully we easily found our breakfast spot – corner of Hallet Street and Taylor Street. Just perfect!

Our early morning ride was just over 18km.

While the purpose of our trip was to scout the “walk the Yorke” this was a simple little rail trail which was worth the diversion.