Every Holiday Needs A Soundtrack

Like everything good these days, this holiday needs a SOUNDTRACK. Here are the first two contenders. I’d appreciate your suggestions.

Contender #1 – California by Phantom Planet

Obviously this song is location specific, but I could imagine landing at LAX with this blaring out of the overhead speakers. It’s got to be better than I Still Call Australia Home sometimes played by that airline that would like to be anything other than Australian! Check out the lyrics here http://www.theocshow.com/songlyrics/0001.htm.

I have a short clip of the chorus here, sorry about the bad quality, but if you really want to here it and can bear Orange County then watch Channel 10, and remember don’t steal music!

Contender #2 – Jacqueline by Franz Ferdinand

Apart from being a better band, this “post-punk” (or so says my player) song applies to all holidays. Perhaps I should let the lyrics speak for themselves. Consider this chorus:

It’s always better on holiday

So much better on holiday

That’s why we only work when

We need the money

You can get all the lyrics here http://www.lyrics007.com/Franz%20Ferdinand%20Lyrics/Jacqueline%20Lyrics.html

Not so sure that the rest of the lyrics are that pertinent, but the chorus is good.

I’ve also got a short clip for you here.

Leave a comment below to nominate more contenders.


  1. Anonymous · September 22, 2004

    On careful consideration of both contenders for the holiday soundtrack, I vote Franz Ferdinand.Have a good time.PS its Pina Bria, I took the anonymous approach as the other username/password option seemed to require a little too much effort.Take care…….


  2. Kym · September 22, 2004

    PB I agree with you. I\’ve also included a few additional items on my CD which will get used tomorrow. My tastes are eclectic meaning that both Eminem (probably spelt that wrong) and Madonna are represented singing about Hollywood.


  3. Anonymous · September 27, 2004

    KymI think you should go with California. Not a fan of the other punk/rock type song.Hope you are enjoying yourselves!! I\’m jealous.Mel


  4. Anonymous · September 27, 2004

    We also had Eminem playing as we drove to Santa Monica – with the chorus of say goodbye to hollywood. How appropriate. Also we had Madonna America Life playing loud with windows down as we drove quickly past Beverly Hills! Anyway…… Perhaps we will go vist BH when we return in a few weeks.Keep being jealous, it will spur you on to greater things.


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