Fontainebleau Castle

Fontainebleau Castle
Originally uploaded by Helen K.

On Friday we were taken to visit the castle by Virgine & Stephan, who were very kind to us (we apologise if the spelling is wrong). Neither of these people spoke English, however Kym’s French got us through the day, with the help of a dictionary.

The castle was magnificant as you can see by just the outside photo. Inside was just as iporessive with marbled halls, paintings and tapestries. The gardens were huge (including great conical trees that I adore) and the rear of the castle is surrounded by a huge forrest of trees. Thankfully there weren’t many tour groups that we saw either!

Afterwards we also visited a small lovely town called Barbizon – which contains a lot of modern impressionist paintings as well is very arty little shops. One of the museums also contained a picture that inspired the movie the gleemers.

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