Last few hours in India…

Last day in India, was spent walking along the beach in Goa, having an iced coffee because it was so hot, and shoving everything into our suitcases.

Our final internal flight in India was on Kingfisher airlines. While the flight only lasted an hour (thankfully), we still got a meal – paneer in tomato with rice. I will miss the food.

However, we transfered to the international airport from the domestic – and I recommend that no-one do that unless you really have to! We waited as long as the flight back to KL. And until you can register for the flight there is nothing you can do! Okay you can go to the toilet, look at the very sad cafe with dogy chicken sandwich, the post office (which was closed), and the tourist shop.

Okay I will admit – I looked at the tourist shop. As usual it contained everything that you saw while on your holiday in India (why do all that travelling..!).

However, the only bright spot was finding a coffee table book about SRK!!!!! woo-hoo! Major excitment. After asking the shop assistant to take off the wrapping so I could look inside (it was expensive), it only took me 20 seconds to make my decision. However she tried to get me to buy some t-shirts, bangles, pashmenas… which I declined and bought the book. Thankfully I spent the next 45 minutes pouring over the pages. As I hadn’t spotted this anywhere else in India, I have to admit that the tourist shop in the International airport is worth a visit.

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  1. Anonymous · March 15, 2007

    Helen,I\’m so glad you bought a book and had some quality reading to do afterwards at the airport 🙂


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