Travelling at Easter

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Travelling at Easter
Travelling at Easter,
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If you are ever thinking of travelling on a plane around Easter – make sure you do on Easter Sunday. Okay so the time of the flight wasn’t the best..6am. But the plane itself was practically empty. We were moved to the seats over the wing, extra leg room is always appreciated.

As you can see by the picture everyone on board received a Lindt gold bunny along with the standard issue food. I must also admit to getting an extra one that I spotted on the floor of the plane while we were waiting to get off in Sydney. Then we also got another one on the flight to Tokyo.

The rest of the food on the flight from Sydney to Tokyo was pretty good too – obviously a sign of things to come.

Whoever told me that the flight shouldn’t have much turbulence because it was straight up was wrong. Nothing major… Nothing that involved the warning light going on, but it was enough. Thankfully I was kept occupied with a range of movies, comedy shows, and long games of Tetris.

Typed by Helen


  1. BW · March 25, 2008

    Hi guys, Hmmmmm chocolate. Makes me feel better after you missed out on the basket of choccies at work.(Which is all fine, by the way, we survived Day One).My shopping expedition on Saturday finished up with the Keen shoes, a bag and three tops, so did well.News flash – it is raining in Adelaide!!!!! Whooo hooo :-)Happy Travels,Benita


  2. KS · March 25, 2008

    Yum Yum – Lindt choccie would compensate for turbulence…at least for a while :))Hope you\’re both moving into \”holiday mode\” and enjoying the trip. Looks like the mobblogging is working well – yay! And yes, it is wet wet WET in Adelaide at the moment – you are not missing anything *grin*Take care, enjoyK 🙂


  3. Amethyst · March 26, 2008

    That\’s great you got lindt chocolate. I remember flying on Christmas day a few years ago and got nothing.. And the flight staff were not even wearing anything christmassy, it was weird.Yes, the rain is rather exciting – could\’nt believe Adelaide and Nth Terrace last night, the heatwave seems awhile ago now, not a mere week and a bit!Glad tat you are over the flight and turbulence.


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