We rode bikes

We rode bikes, originally uploaded by kdt.

For those who worry about us, perhaps you should not read this post! Yes we rode in Beijing! Yes we rode during peak hour! Yes we rode on some of the biggest and busiest roads we have ever seen! Yes we are still alive!

To be frank, I would prefer to ride my bike to work in Beijing than in Adelaide. Traffic is slower and it is used to dealing with lots and lots of bicycles. The road rules are clear the biggest vehicle has right of way!

The bike lanes are big and the bikes travel slowly, but often faster than the cars. Street lights are optional and often safer ignored!

It is by far the best way of seeing lots of Beijing. We rode around the old hutongs and a couple of smart lakes and Tiananamen Square. Fun Fun Fun! If we’re clever we’ll add some video showing the traffic conditions.

p.s. I got my wish of cycling a single speed bike!!!!

p.p.s I wish I had my bike shorts with me, although I would have got lots of stares!


  1. Vivienne · August 6, 2009

    No helmet! Front basket and big, wide, soft seat – very stylish. Bike shorts wouldn’t have fitted in.


    • Kym · August 10, 2009

      You’re right but I would have been more comfortable.


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