Last post…

Currently standing at a free Intenet terminal at KLIA airport. Provided by Samsung – not the fastest internet access, but still it is access.

We have approx an hour and a half at the airport to go before the flight. We’ve eaten some dull food, spent the last RM (I successfully completed the 22RM challenge – it was too easy), and wandered around the airport. Still not too much to do.

Kym is currently reading a magazine that he bought. Why he isn’t saving it for the plane I do not know. I have three graphic novels to read on the plane, if I can’t find anything to watch.

Hopefully the next post will be back home… (it is only a 7 hour flight – what am I worried about…) with everyone when we return.

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Arrival in Mumbai…

After a very short flight we arrived in Mumbai (where I am typing this from). After the usual wait at the luggage carousel (only 5 minutes!), we located the person holding our names and where lead to a waiting point for the car. Now the airport has become privately owned in recent times and is going through a major expansion. Nothing like construction!.

Anyway, we were standing there waiting with our bags when a white hearse pulled up (that is the colour used by Indians). It looked much like a station wagan with a solid piece of glass along the window area, and on the windows were the words “Resting” in traditional old English style font. Through the window we could plainly see the coffin, which was red, with an embroidered trim and cross in the centre. Stuck midway down was an address label for where it was going , and a baggage check sticker.

Really didn’t expect to see that!

flying part II…

Apologies for stopping short with the last post. Anyway…

After the last bag check you are frisked again (females and males separated), then you can get on the plane. Once you understand it – it makes perfect logical sense.

Although there is no entertainment available on the domestic flights, I must say that thus far the flights haven’t been too bad. Okay, now I know that I am not the worlds best flyer (easier option would be to knock myself out I think, based on the sweat produced!), but the food is good too. Just wish the packets of spicy snacks they give were easier to open. Surprisingly after the person next to me couldn’t open them the attendant, whipped out her scissors (?!??!!@#@##…) and cut off the corner!!!

When we reach Mumbai airport, we had 5 hours to kill before our flight to Aurangabad. Thankfully there were at least 8 free newspapers to read. I made my way through the majority of them, within the first three hours. Anyone would of thought that I was starved for reading material while on holiday, and had not heard any of the latest news events. But to tell you the truth, on the TV the main issues in India so far have been India’s potential for the World Cup, train bombing (occurred just before we left) and the Holi festival. But there are better things to watch – like Indian music videos!

Activity in the airport is much like any other airport. If you are ever in the domestic area of Mumbai airport – do not use the internet cafe. Grab all the free papers available and read them It claims to be broadband… but it doesn’t work well (read next to useless). 2 out of the terminals are offline. 1 is for the staff to use when not talking to each other and drinking tea, and they are incredibily slow, and is a rip off at 30 rupees for 30 minutes.