Arrival in Mumbai…

After a very short flight we arrived in Mumbai (where I am typing this from). After the usual wait at the luggage carousel (only 5 minutes!), we located the person holding our names and where lead to a waiting point for the car. Now the airport has become privately owned in recent times and is going through a major expansion. Nothing like construction!.

Anyway, we were standing there waiting with our bags when a white hearse pulled up (that is the colour used by Indians). It looked much like a station wagan with a solid piece of glass along the window area, and on the windows were the words “Resting” in traditional old English style font. Through the window we could plainly see the coffin, which was red, with an embroidered trim and cross in the centre. Stuck midway down was an address label for where it was going , and a baggage check sticker.

Really didn’t expect to see that!

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