Port Victoria to Point Pearce

For today’s reccey we drove to Port Vincent from Wallaroo. After your typical fish & chips lunch and the obligatory walk on the jetty (by heck its cold out here) we cycled off towards Point Pearce.

From the jetty there is no sign we could locate to where the walk the Yorke trail continues. Although truth be told.. there are not many options. We went down a little path near the foreshore which needed up in front of a number of holiday shacks at the local caravan park. Be where if you take this path you end up walking up stairs – which we did.. but there are not on many.

The path to start off is bitumen.. but don’t let this give you a false sense of security about the rest of the ride. The path takes you along the foreshore with picturesque views out to sea. The path directional signage takes you on to a rocky path.. but as a bonus we managed to see 5 pelicans.

After a few turns the trail takes us inland through the Nharangga Aboriginal Lands and Point Pearce. As we were cycling along we saw a large number of holes in the ground. Based on the signage the area is home to the Southern Hairy-nose wombat. Unfortunately we did not see any – just lots of evidence of them being in the area.

The direction we cycled was into the wind. If you have ever cycled into the wind on a sandy rocky track you can imagine how slow the ride actually was. If you had a mountain bike it might of been better for the conditions – but not much. Along the way there are seats and signage about the area. I must admit they look a little like you are waiting for a bus… but I know one is never going to come. As we were cycling there was the fence to our right and lots of shrubby plants on the left. It was so peaceful, with no other sounds apart from birds… oh and us on bikes.

Despite the wind we made it to the mid-way point, and saw clouds get darker, and decided it was time to head back. Unsurprisingly the cycle back to the turn off was only 20-25 minutes as we had a tail wind nearly 1/3 of the time!

Cheap chicks…

Cheap chicks…
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Spotted these two infront of the sign on the beach in Langkawi while on a walk. I couldn’t help myself, but take the photo.

While sunbathing you are also suppose to show respect by not going topless – okay so this doesn’t affect me… but no-one told the person lying down! Thankfully she was lying down. We saw a number of people looked very brown or red.

You will be pleased to know that while we were there the weather ranged from 34-37 degrees, with very high humidity! We put sunscreen on at least three times a day… but I managed to get slightly burnt.

Roll on winter!

(written by HK)

Langkawi Public Transport

Langkawi Public Transport
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It is hard to do so little. Where the biggest decision is what pool to swim in and what drink to have!

So we thought we’d try some island hopping. These little boats take about 8 to 10 passengers and go pretty damn fast as they aquaplan towards some of the more popular islands.

The amazing thing is that amongst they mayhem of the clearly inadequate jetty infrastructure, everyone seems to get back onto the right boat. I don’t know how.

Langkawi Cable Car

Langkawi Cable Car
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Langkawi is a gorgeous place with beautiful beaches set against a back drop of severe mountaints. But being near the equator means that it is hot and humid.

While I have been sweating a fair bit, it still doesn’t come up to the steaming contraption that I was in as part of my aryuvedic massage in Goa. But that, perhaps, is another story for discussion over coffee.

Relaxing on the beach…

Relaxing on the beach…
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After a walk along the beach watching the crabs and fishermen, we stopped to have a lassi and some pakoras. While lying on deck chairs and a straw umbrella providing shade.

This was the view from where were we sitting. Afterwards I fell asleep for about an hour.

Being on holiday is hard work.