Resting feet…

We’ve seen a few temples Okazaki, eaten lunch near Kodai-jai temple, then down through Gion where we saw a car rally finish. Bought some pickles from one of the oldest pickle shops in Kyoto. Enjoying a coffee while resting. So far we’ve walked 9.3km today!


Coffee again…

With the rain comes a change in plan… we turned to shopping.
To wake up properly, we took ourselves to Stumptown, another recommended coffee establishment, which has their own blends and roasts. Yes, the coffee a great and certainly provided the kick we needed.

The second coffee place for the day was Blue Bottle coffee. We lined up with the office workers, ordered a cappuccino. Great tasting coffee…. Certainly enjoyed the flavour.

It is interesting, that all of the coffee places we have visited they only have stand-up bars, unless you like take-away. While we are trying to keep awake, standing up is a good thing, but it is a challenge when all you really feel like doing is collapsing into a seat, relaxing and soaking up the atmosphere. Here is where I miss home.


Blue Bottle Coffee
Blue bottle


Finding good coffee is important on holiday – especially in America.
When we were here last (2004), the coffee was mainly filtered, and rather unpleasant. However we are pleased to report after hunting, and recommendations from coffee experts we tracked down a couple yesterday.

On both occasions we ordered cappuccino’s, and they tasted remarkably like magic’s we have at one of our local haunts (thank-you Bar 9!). Which for the non-Adelaide coffee drinkers is two coffee shots and a small quantity of milk. We did enjoy both coffees…. and they certainly managed to keep us awake.

Joe’s coffee at Grand Central
Joe's coffee

Ninth Street Espresso @ Chelsea Market
Ninth Street Espresso

Coffee Collective et al

Copenhagen, originally uploaded by Helen K.

We have just finished visiting Copenhagen and Amsterdam. I have to say we didn’t look for any good “coffee shops” in Amsterdam. There are many however around the red-light district near our hotel. They must be selling good coffee because many of the clients seemed very happy when they walked out. They just didn’t have the same inviting smell as some coffee shops back home.

We did notice one happy English lad who had too much coffee having a chat with a friendly lady in a shop window. When he finished shopping he promptly fell down a set of stairs! He may have been better off purchasing.

Anyway, on to more important matters we did check out the coffee shops in Copenhagen. All-in-all these threes were very good. They were micro-roasters with only a very limited range of food, but extensive coffee menus.

If in Copenhagen I would recommend Estate Coffee and Risterit.

These two are both on the edge of the main shopping district. If you want a longer a bike ride and a more edgy suburb then I would recommend Coffee Collective.

KDT’s Top 5 Coffee

London, originally uploaded by Helen K.

1) Greystoke Cycle Cafe, a barn out the back of house with toasties, cakes, and coffee. What makes it great? It’s welcoming approach and plenty of towels to dry wet cyclists. Coffee is pretty good.

2) Monmouth Coffee – Monmouth Street London. Great coffee focus with extensive coffee menu. It appears that special coffees are only available as filter coffee. Very busy with local workers getting takeaway.

3) Nude Espresso – Eastend somewhere, good coffee with schmick interior a great relaxing spot. They roast their own coffee.

4) Java – Keswick does a great mocha with Belgian chocolate. Also muffins made on site are extremely yummy.

5) Brick Lane Coffee – great coffee vibe only problem is paper cups only.

We also had some chain coffee. That was horrible. Also, you’d expect good restaurants to do good coffee. This is not true.

Best mocha on holiday yet!

Best mocha on holiday yet!
Originally uploaded by Helen K

I didn’t think it was possible… but yes we found a mocha that was quite good in Japan.

While waiting for the ferry back to Hiroshima we had 25 minutes to use so we wandered over to a coffee and food place not far from the ferry terminal on Miyajima island.

It is very different from my top three favourite mocha locations in Adelaide. The coffee was strong enough, and had some chocolate in it – but it also contained a dlop of sweaten chocolate cream in the middle.