Changes to blog…..

Another city another manga cafe, with fast internet connection.

We,ve added a new photo box – these are specfically from my flickr photo page (HK).. and have gone back and added text with some of the photos we,ve live blogged. So please go back and read.

It is easier to take the photo and send it ~ due to the varying internet wifi connections we,ve had. plus it is more fun to take a photo with your phone.. and send it to flickr direct. Given we are in Japan we might as well behave like everyone else is here with their phones!


How is this working….

Darn good question! Prior to leaving Kym purchased a PDA and wireless keyboard. Yes well be able to upload our entries during the day… no problem. It is Tokyo after all…. technological capital of the world.

HA! Wifi hot spots are not easy to find.. dominant technology here is the telephone, everyone has one and uses it. Every so often we stop and Kym spends about a minute or so staring at the PDA… if we could read Japanese maybe the chance of finding a wifi spot would increase.

So we have done a number of posts… and Kym is uploading them now. Although it does involve a lot of sighing. However, please keep in mind that I have to create them using his account…so some of them are by him, but have my name at the end of the entry so you know who wrote what. Okay Ill admit we stuffed up there.. but it is working … well some of the time.

Internet cafes are even harder to find. Just to do these few enteries and use the internet we joined the Internet Cafe.. paid 3000yen for membership plus the time that we use. Theyhave free drinks, books you can read, watch DVDs listen to music… and is very quiet ]except for me complaining about the darn keyboard} humm… does this type of environment it sound familiar to anyone? Okay so libraries don’t have free drinks… Cureently having some pink slushy thing… tastes okay, not that I would buy it.

Some of the photos we will publish will be direct from the phone we have to the blog… at least some thing is working.

KL Shopping

Frankly it is hard to believe that there are so many shopping choices in KL.Currently we’re in one of the many shopping malls in the Bukit Bintang area. Although this one is firmly aimed at the locals. There is no Gucci, Dunhill, Louis Vuitton, Porsche Design, Dior etc etc there is plenty of cheap computer shops, cheap clothing shops, tailors etc. On the top floor is the trendy zone for teenages. Frankly it works and is something that could easily be emulated on the top floor of that white elephant Myer Centre.

Around the corner from this excessively fast internet cafe, hopefully Helen is uploading some more photos fo you, is the Roller Sports – roller skating rink and cafe. Given my record I decided not to try and roller skate again!!

After this we’re heading off to the National Library… They probably won’t let us in – but these are the things you do to keep the other half happy while on holiday. If you’re lucky enough you will see some photos.

Blogging and photos…

One of the problems with the photos on holiday and trying to up load them is that it is time consuming! The computers (while they claim to be broadband), aren’t that fast.

Therefore, while we are sitting here, Kym is spending his time attempting to upload the photos, while I write bits and pieces. When we get home I will re-post some of my favourites. So far my all time favorite was the one of the child running along with the tyre. It was a completely flucky shot, as I had the camerea at my side, not looking through the viewing window and just taking random shots. Some turn out.. and some don’t.

We’ve ridden the odd rickshaw or three, and I’ve also been taking random shots – will upload some when we get to a faster computer.

To see more of our photos, click on a photo which will take you to Kym’s photo page on flickr, where you can browse all the photos from India.