Blogging and photos…

One of the problems with the photos on holiday and trying to up load them is that it is time consuming! The computers (while they claim to be broadband), aren’t that fast.

Therefore, while we are sitting here, Kym is spending his time attempting to upload the photos, while I write bits and pieces. When we get home I will re-post some of my favourites. So far my all time favorite was the one of the child running along with the tyre. It was a completely flucky shot, as I had the camerea at my side, not looking through the viewing window and just taking random shots. Some turn out.. and some don’t.

We’ve ridden the odd rickshaw or three, and I’ve also been taking random shots – will upload some when we get to a faster computer.

To see more of our photos, click on a photo which will take you to Kym’s photo page on flickr, where you can browse all the photos from India.

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