When cycling- there is always a head wind…

We attempted to leave early today knowing there would be a head wind… at least it was 30+ minutes earlier than yesterday. Started off with a nice tootle along Port Moorowie.

Ironically enough we took Greenhill Road… and there was slightly less traffic at the same time of the day as there is back in Adelaide.

.. there were also less corrugated roads – so another bonus for the day! although I do tend to drift to wherever there is a clean line and less bumps. There some elements which are frustrating… due to too many small stone being on the road.

As you can see by the photos the weather was really outstanding- apart from the wind. I know, and understand the reason for head winds, but if I can avoid them on the bike that would be great. At times the wind was so strong we were only going a few km’s per hr. When it’s like that you really doubt how long it’s going to take to reach the destination.

… but as long as there is an ice cream waiting for me I guess it’s worth it!