Third day on the bike is always the hardest…

After years of bike touring I know this to be true. You realise you are on the seat for a number of hours.. and you haven’t quite adjusted to the pace. This is how I felt today – but the weather certainly made me feel better.

Just look at the road.. it was like this for the majority of the day

But despite the corrugated roads… of which there were many (seemed never ending) it was good. I made it up this hill without stopping… not that you expected anything less from me.

As you can see there certainly was not many people around. But on the ride we did manage to meet another cyclist on the road who was in an ebike. Brian was cycling from Edithburgh to the lighthouse and return. He stayed with us for a bit and we chatted about bikes and past rides. always good to meet a fellow cyclist on the road!

The cyclist route separated from the walking route… and rejoined for shelter, and it was where we ate lunch early afternoon…

Thankfully.. after this we had about 8+km to go… but it felt longer with all the corrugations! Apologies to my ride companions for the complaints today – here’s to a better ride tomorrow!

Bakery review…

Bakeries in Australia are fabulous. I may be a world traveller – but based on experience they certainly are at the top of my list.

So far we have visited two… the Ardrossan Bakery and the Maitland Bakery.

The Ardrossan Bakery is easy to locate – as it is I in the Main Street. There are a few seats outside, and over the road there are a couple of park benches under the Norfolk pines which are down the Main Street.

We had pasties, sausage rolls, chocolate doughnut and apricot turnover and sat outside given the weather was delightful. While I generally prefer tomatoe sauce put in the centre of the pastie with a squeezey bottle the usual presentation is the sauce in the takeaway packet you squeeze together and put over your food. Pastie was great, as was the apricot turnover. For me the doughnut was a little more cake-y than I prefer. I’m generally not a fan of large amounts of cream – but the apricot turnover was fabulous – and a real highlight. Not too sweet… just perfect. If you are in the neighbourhood – I recommend it!

The second bakery we visited was in Maitland.

It was late afternoon… and they were about to close for the day. We had just completed a cycle from Port Vincent to Point Pearce and back. The wind had taken a lot of energy out of us – what there was nothing better than a bakery product Again, I tried the apricot turn over and it was pretty good as it was eaten very quickly. You do have the option to eat inside as there are the usual few tables and you can also get a tea or a coffee

Both places are worth visiting if you are on the road and searching for a quick hunger fix.

Great stop in Oxford – Hamblin bread

Cycling on holiday enables you to find interesting places which are not necessarily in the guide books. Our approach to bromptoneering is exactly that find a route and cycle it… if there is a major tourist attraction, we might stop to take a photo, if I’m lucky. But this approach also enables us to stop the moment we see something interesting. In Oxford it was the below sign which stopped us in our tracks.

It had all the right elements to attract Kym – “bakes here daily”, and good font. Kym managed to snaffle the last apple and custard buns (yeah us!) and they had filtered coffee (rare to find).

We later learnt the bread was made from stone ground flour milled locally. They make their own jams, as well as sourcing items they use from local producers. The taste was fabulous. We enjoyed the buns and had a great chat with the owner Hugo who was passionate about using local sources and their products. He suggested we return the next day for breakfast.. to try their bread as we would not regret it.

The next day… yes we returned..! Ah the smell of a bakery is fabulous in a morning.

We enjoyed a shared breakfast and a cardamon bun, and a cinnamon bun – delightful! We even bought a jar of their jam (let’s hope it makes it home). If we lived here we would be regulars.

If you find yourself in Oxford (thurs-sun) do your stomach a favour hop on bus (if you don’t have a bike) and go there… you will be happy!

Cheap breakfast

For a few visits to Tokyo we’ve been saying we should try the Sukiya shop – it’s effectively a beef bowl restaurant. If you have been to Tokyo you will of seen the red, white and yellow signs all around the place.

Three cheeses beef bowl

We needed a fast breakfast last Sunday before catching the train to meet people.. and it fitted the bill perfectly. Ordering efficient (yeah for English menu) – and it was tasty too!

Yes, that was the price for two! Here is what Kym has…

Kym’s beef bowl

Bromptoneering in Japan…

On Sunday we had a Brompton cycling day planned by one of our Japanese Brompton friends. There was going to be no rain… once everyone got to the station around 10ish it was agreed by consensus we would have a coffee while waiting for the shower to pass. Yes even we can go to McDonald’s – here is proof.

Then we set off – first up the obligatory photo

Then we set off… it is amazing how much space there is in Japan. We stopped at a flood gate… here is where it began to rain and we then lost one of the group because he was so wet!

As luck would have it.. eventually it cleared up…

The route was great as there were very few cars. Only had to watch for joggers and other cyclists. We cycle between baseball pitches, golf courses, rice paddies and houses. Around 1:30 we stopped for lunch at Via cycling cafe which is certainly set up for cyclists – and they have great food options. Here was my lunch – oishii!

After an hour of sitting around eating and talking we set off again and went to a working farm which sells fabulous ice cream!

From here we went to Kawagoe.. which is famous for old Edo style street and historical shrine and bell tower. Certainly worth the visit if you have time. We eventually got to the train station and said goodbye until the Brompton in Palace ride in November!

Bar hopping in Kichijoji

First night in Tokyo and we met up with our Brompton friends in Kichijoji. It was great to catch up have some great food (it’s Tokyo it’s all good) and alcohol.

Plates are empty- they did contain goyza, rice and beer. Yes we were cramped into the booth at the end – most enjoyable!

… then we moved to a four story bar

Then a Scottish themed bar… where we talked about gin

… and now on the second to last train home. Here is to sleeping in!

Any good food..?

This is not a question… but when thinking of Japan- my answer is going to be – yes all food is good in Japan.

But I acknowledge we are known for visiting at least one fancy restaurant on our holidays. This time we went to Inua. Kym had been following them via social media before they opened, as head chef previously worked at Noma in Copenhagen.

Day 3 - Inua

As usual when booking- we followed the rules and got in quite easily – and we could walk there from our hotel – even better!

Day 3 - Inua

Day 3 - Inua

Day 3 - Inua
Day 3 - Inua

Day 3 - Inua

Oh the mushroom!

Day 3 - Inua

Day 3 - Inua

Day 3 - Inua

Day 3 - Inua

Day 3 - Inua

Day 3 - Inua

Day 3 - Inua
oh but this was awesome

Day 3 - Inua

Day 3 - Inua

Day 3 - Inua

Day 3 - Inua

Day 3 - Inua

Best looking bottle label design

Day 3 - Inua

Afterwards we got a tour of the kitchen. In the world of small restaurants what surprised us, was the size. Interestingly, they also had a test kitchen on the floor below- and heard about what they were working on.
Day 3 - Inua

Day 3 - Inua
Day 3 - Inua

As experienced previously, Adelaide is always a connection. The sommelier was originally from Adelaide… and was going back for Mew Years. We enjoyed the conversation about food and places we had been and experienced. Enjoyable experience!

… and if you couldn’t see or work out what we ate and drank here is the menu

Day 3 - dinner
Day 3 - dinner

Last lunch…


Food is really good in Japan – doesn’t matter where you get it from. Today our last lunch was in a sushi restaurant off the main Enoshima walking path. This lunch cost 1,000 yen or around $13AUS. Sushi was perfect, there was also miso soup, salad and a small seafood snack of octopus in soy and wasabi. So simple, so tasty. As always, we will miss it….