Changes to blog…..

Another city another manga cafe, with fast internet connection.

We,ve added a new photo box – these are specfically from my flickr photo page (HK).. and have gone back and added text with some of the photos we,ve live blogged. So please go back and read.

It is easier to take the photo and send it ~ due to the varying internet wifi connections we,ve had. plus it is more fun to take a photo with your phone.. and send it to flickr direct. Given we are in Japan we might as well behave like everyone else is here with their phones!



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Fushimi Inari gates are famous for there being a large number of them closely together in the hills near Kyoto and being bright red.

I suggest you google these to find out why.. its obviously too late and Ive forgotten why they are like this. usually someone has paid a lot of money to have the gate errected and it has their name on or the name of their company on the front. This is still popular practice today.

The Golden temple

golden temple
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There were an amazing amount of tourists here. It is the busiest spot for tourists. There is also a very lovely garden that you walk through then have to dodge your way past all the shops. I thought Rome was bad….

Surprisingly enough after seeing this building the rest of the area is quite quick to walk through

Bamboo grove in Arashiyama

Bamboo grove
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Arashiyama is a beautiful location, with a number of temples, shrines, and bamboo groves.

As well as the other 100 plus tourists… the main street really is like harndorf. Lots of shops with food, or trickets of some description.

After our walk around the town and the groves, we had a great lunch in a department store at another end of the tram line. The meal was really good… octopus balls in a soup that was continually being cooked. Yummo.