The photo that Kym couldn’t take – oh the technology.

Biggest decision of the morning… what type of cereal. Of course when presented with a range of options the only solution is a bit of everything, topped with yoghurt and fresh fruit.


Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle
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Yesterday was a blue sky day… and we took the opportunity to hire free bikes from the hotel and cycle around Himeji.

We went to Himeji Castle… and climbed to the top with slippers on – the view was great. As usual there was a lot of cherry blossoms, but the are getting near the end of the season. While there, taking this photo reminded me of the trees featured in the Dr Seuss books (eg: the Lorax). Am I alone in this thought…?

On bikes again

On bikes again
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In Himeji.

It was raining when we arrived. We spent most of the afternoon exploring the shops, underground walkways, and getting lost. Thankfully the weather the next day was a lot clearer (sky tends to clear up around 9:30ish), and we hired the free bikes from the hotel. Yeah free bikes are great.

Himeji is a grid city like Adelaide and dead easy to get around. We cycled up to the castle, and around the town before catching the afternoon train to Hiroshima.