Samurai house

After breakfast, cycling, more coffee, and cycling we reached the Nomura Samurai House.  The building is where high ranking officials under the Maeda family lived.  It has a lovely little garden and features a range of samurai swords.  The Japanese writing looks beautiful… however when it is translated the subject content is amusing.   It must of been good to be recognised for the difficult work undertaken!

Morning in Kanazawa

Ah.. Back in Kanazawa, first full day and we managed to find a little spot for breakfast with delightful coffee called Curio Esspresso & Vintage.  Their signature coffee is a mocha with zest of orange, and Kym also enjoyed the cappuccino.  

We paired it a breakfast sandwich which hit the mark.

The owner is American from Seattle and provides great advice for English speaking tourists.  From here we wandered down the street to a little umbrella shop, where the owner obviously had a love of cats and kokeshi dolls.  
We decided to buy a couple of umbrellas – very solidly made, and great designs!