Tech access

Over the years access to the blog has relied a lot on us taking our own gear.  It use to be mini computer which was hacked, and a variety of cables for the cameras etc.  These days it involves iPads or phones with a wifi connection.  When in smaller towns we rely on public libraries (they rock!) or hotel wifi, if not expensive.  However in the larger cities – there is always the Apples stores.  They can be relied upon to be open late at night, packed with people, and plenty of access to technology.  Tonight is one of those nights.  We have had a fab dinner out (which I will blog about later) at one of the top places in New York – as described by the New Yorker next to us.  Now I’m standing in the Apple store across from Central Park after 9:30pm at night.

Live at the Apple Store – New York

Photo on 5-1-13 at 9.36 PM

Fashionista …

Kym on Madison Avenue modelling tan Bill Blass sports coat ($150) and Ben Sherman shirt ($40) from Century 21. Amazing chinos from Uniqlo ($40) – amazing because it is the first time anything from Uniqlo has fitted.

Kym on Madison
Kym on Madison

Perhaps I need some more training or photoshop.

P.s. Dinner was fantastic. It was NY history and geography lesson.

A walk, a ferry, a wait, a pizza, a train.

A Walk

We needed our pizza fix. We were told that Paulie Gee’s could fix all of that. There was a problem, however, the East River stood between us and pizza.

I had utilised my trusty tablet to find out there was indeed a water crossing with a connecting mid-town bus. On closer inspection of the timetable, however, it only ran peak hours Monday-Friday. Quite alright if you are in Australia, but we’re not… It was Sunday. Quick examination of Google Maps (how could Apple even think of releasing a map without public transport) showed that it took 17 minutes to walk to the ferry terminal or 15 minutes by public transport. With 20 minutes to go we legged it.

With only a little jogging we made the ferry with 30 seconds to spare. $4 not too bad for a few stops on the Ferry.

A Ferry

The East River Ferry was quite effective. It had an outdoor deck on the second level, although no seats. The service was fast and efficient.

Expedition to Paulie Gee's Brooklyn
Like the group of orthodox Jewish young men, we enjoyed taking photos from the deck.

The UN
Expedition to Paulie Gee's Brooklyn

Empire State amongst the skyline
Expedition to Paulie Gee's Brooklyn
It only took 10 minutes to cross the river to Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Greenpoint – amongst deserted warehouses.
Expedition to Paulie Gee's Brooklyn

A wait

While the street was quite, save for a wedding party taking photos in front of a graffitied warehouse door – we presume that they had taken over the local pub for their reception, Paulie Gee’s was busy. We approached reception and placed our name on the list and waited on the seats outside.

Helen waiting
Expedition to Paulie Gee's Brooklyn

A pizza

That’s not quite fair. It wasn’t just a pizza. It was a bloody good pizza – there were so many to choose from. They were mostly American inventions – good ones at that. We had a Delboy. A good base, but not good as some (wink), top quality toppings. Local ommegang witte beer was fantastic, but what is with the slice of orange attached to my glass?

Paulie Gee's
We surprised the waiter by only ordering one pizza and salad (our usual order). We were disappointed seeing how many people didn’t finish these great pizzas, or left their crust behind (my god). Others were so full that they couldn’t fit in dessert. Boy, are they silly. The deserts were fab. H ordered a chocolate orange pot and I order a sundae with Mike’s hot honey (bloody hell it was spicy) and candied walnuts.

Chocolate pot
Paulie Gee's
We had a great time there. There was something strangely déjà vu.

Looks familiar
Paulie Gee's

A train

Well not a train, but two. The G and then the 7 back to Grand Central.

Expedition to Paulie Gee's Brooklyn.