Card Catalogues Never Die

Library Gunzel Strikes Again
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No overseas holiday is possible without a visit to a library – or photos. However, I must admit that this has not been easy.

When in Jaipur we followed our guides advice that the library was open at 4pm… and presto went back and it wasn’t open on the day we were there (more on this guide later). However I did take a photo of a shut door – that that the sign age is helpful to anyone.

Next we visited the David Sassoon Library in Mumbai… unfortunately I was not allowed to take any photos. We also visited the Asiatic Society of Bombay Library, and Mumbai’s State Central Library (again no photos -darn!). Which is really disappointing as they still use the old subscriber system, and card catalogues. All the books are kept in glass wooden cabinets, and magazines are often pilled on the floor. Buildings are dusty, and not in the best condition – which is really depressing. If you are expecting to see a computer in these institutions… forget it!

The picture here is taken at the Library in the Mani Bhavan, the building where the Mahatma Gandhi stayed during his visits to Bombay. Grace – many thanks for the recommendation it was great! Like the other libraries visited.. lots of card catalogues – and don’t expect them to comply to cataloging standards. Your basic title, author and if you are lucky year of publication and location. Visiting these places really makes you appreciate the libraries in which we work.

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Blogging and photos…

One of the problems with the photos on holiday and trying to up load them is that it is time consuming! The computers (while they claim to be broadband), aren’t that fast.

Therefore, while we are sitting here, Kym is spending his time attempting to upload the photos, while I write bits and pieces. When we get home I will re-post some of my favourites. So far my all time favorite was the one of the child running along with the tyre. It was a completely flucky shot, as I had the camerea at my side, not looking through the viewing window and just taking random shots. Some turn out.. and some don’t.

We’ve ridden the odd rickshaw or three, and I’ve also been taking random shots – will upload some when we get to a faster computer.

To see more of our photos, click on a photo which will take you to Kym’s photo page on flickr, where you can browse all the photos from India.