The photo that Kym couldn’t take – oh the technology.

Biggest decision of the morning… what type of cereal. Of course when presented with a range of options the only solution is a bit of everything, topped with yoghurt and fresh fruit.


Ohtorii gate

Ohtorii gate
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Today we visited Miyajima island, home of the Itsukushima Shrine (another UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the large red Ohtorii gate.

The day started well with hot coffee from the vending machine, before we hopped aboard the local train and a custard filled fish before we caught the ferry over to the island.

Thankfully we didn’t have to take off our shoes 🙂 It was in a very beautiful location. Click on my photos to see some more images.

Afterwards we wandered up to the cable care/ropeway. Wandered probably not the best term as it was quite steep in places. Must admit that I am beginning to feel quite un-fit, despite all the walking we are doing.


We thought the deers in Nara were friendly. The

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Miyajima deers are super friendly and certainly own the entire town.

By the way Miyajima is one of Japan’s top three scenic spots.

The Golden temple

golden temple
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There were an amazing amount of tourists here. It is the busiest spot for tourists. There is also a very lovely garden that you walk through then have to dodge your way past all the shops. I thought Rome was bad….

Surprisingly enough after seeing this building the rest of the area is quite quick to walk through

On the Johnnie Hillwalker tour

On the John Hillwalker tour
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We spent 5 hours following Johnnie Hillwalker around the back streets of Kyoto. We certainly got a better idea about some of the cottage industry that has provided the economic foundation for Kyoto for many many years!

In addition to pottery, fans and temples there is an opportunity to try some lovely snacks. Kyoto sweets are great!

If you are planning to visit Kyoto we’d recommend it. Find out more at


Kiyomizu temple

I am quite surprised at the quality of the mobile phone pictures. As you have probably worked out, while we are out and about we send snapshots from our mobile phone. All this so you can have up to the second coverage. Mobile phones ain’t any good for text so we are at a Manga cafe updating some posts.

As you can tell from this photo Kiyomizu Temple is quite beautiful with cherry blossoms just as it has been since 798. Of course like most buildings in Kyoto the were reconstructed at some other later date because of some disaster or another. In this case 1633.

We certainly had Melbourne weather yesterday. It was either shining sun, overcast or showering. It was a bit like playing pachinko.

kiyomizu temple
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