Highline walk

Take one old disused and unloved elevated railway, and passionate community… and what do you end up with? A fabulous 1 mile city park. Given yesterday’s fabulous weather (clear sky and warm), we took advantage and visited. The transformation was fantastic. The Highline has great views, and plenty of seating along the way – and given the weather many were taking advantage and drinking in the sun.

We did take a stack of photos but here are a few of the best:

Flowers picked…. for Michael

Ready to take off


Walk to Eataly

After more than 20 hours of flying in a big jet plane we finally made it to NYC.

After all that time you build up a big hunger, but have no real desire to sit down. The perfect solution is to walk to Eataly. It came with some very strong recommendations from people we trust. It certainly lived up to expectations. We ate mozzarella, crostini, and cured meats. It was delicious. I was so absorbed with the flavours, I have no photographs – you’ll have to look at H’s Flickr photo stream.

I did take some photos walking to Eataly.

We’re staying near the NY Public Library.
New York Public Library

Walked down Fifth Avenue.
Empire State

Ate some food.

Crossed Madison Square Park – will return on Friday for Eats Your Heart Out

Walked back down Madison Avenue – with evocative night time steam.