Animal count…. 1…2….!

We’ve been on the road for a couple of days and haven’t managed to find an internet terminal. Now that we are in San Franciso… I can inform you of our interactions with the wildlife – and I don’t mean the locals! (will put up some piccys once we remember to bring a cable with us)

Deer = 5 (including an encoutner with two – nearly running one down while driving in search of a lighthouse at dusk near Carmel-by-the-Sea, okay before you start writing complaints I was only doing about 5-10 miles an hour – give me a break I’m on the wrong side of the road!!)

Elephant Seals = large group too many to count on the beach on the drive to Big Sur.

Seal Lions = lots!!! I got excited when we saw one from a distance on the 17-mile drive round Carmel by-the- Sea, on the Monteray Pennisula. At Santa Cruz they were all under the pier on boards sleeping – what a load of noise they made. Then later when we went to look at another lighthouse (name has escaped me again) there were more on teh rocks sunning themselves! I’ve never seen so many in teh wild in all my life. Totally amazing. The pier wasn’t even mentioned by the guidebooks – talk about slack! Wait until I send them an e-mail.

Squirrel = 1 at a vista looking at some of the rocks and view on the coast to Big Sur.

Cows = lots!

Road kill = 3-6 dead things on the side of the road. This is rather surprising – given that the coast road is similar to the Great Ocean Road (only a better surface), it is rather surprising!

I’m sure there will be more to come…..

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