Hollywood, Santa Monica and Santa Barbara

Hi we are on the road with Mazda 6 and Neverlost (or so it claims).

We looked forward to the funiculair, but it Angels Flight was closed until further notice and we’ve receive word that 2 of the 3 San Francisco cable lines are closed. The public transport angel is not looking kindly on me.

Visited Hollywood – imagine Hindley street, but bigger and lots of movie kitsch, an experience only required once. Lots of interesting museums like Riple’s Oddities and yet another wax museum. The Erotic Museum is probably the pick, but I don’t know it cost $US12.

LA really is a donut city. The Downtown is less busy than Adelaide, even though it has many buildings twice as high as the Santos building. Quite a surprise really. Imagine Elizabeth and Adelaide being switched.

Santa Monica was where I’d live… if I was required to move to LA. But I will investigate other areas when we return.

Santa Barbara was just gorgeous, and no I am not just referring to the cheerleaders roaming the street. Classes are back at the UCSB.

This blog is being typed from SLO San Luis Obispo a pleasant town a few miles inland. We’re off to find a hotel near Heasrt Castle.

Looking forward to your comments, we don’t just want lurkers!


  1. edward · September 26, 2004

    Tell me you didn\’t pass on the erotic museum; pictures would be nice and don\’t forget the brochures.LA a donut city? Any Tim Hortons?


  2. Anonymous · September 27, 2004

    We have incriminating evidence on you! No brochures, but were going back to LA and we can pick one up for you and send it by post!!KDT


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