I’m Back

I know that it has looked like that Helen had left me somewhere without a computer… But it is not true, she is just very keen to let you know about libraries and all that stuff and I can’t get on the computer.

The last time I wrote we were in Banff, from there we drove into Calgary. It was a cold and rainy day. It is interesting how the weather can alter your general impression of the place. I found that on the first day I didn’t like Calgary too much. But the very next day we had some sunshine, and I liked it much more.

Our B&B had a great view of the City and the rockies in the background. Overnight they had become completely covered in snow. The day after we left Calgary received 10cm of snow. So far, we’ve been lucky with the weather.

In Calgary nearly all the public and private buildings are connected with the +15 (+15 feet in the air), a series of corridors and over-street walkways so you can stay warm by never setting foot on street.

We are now enjoying our stay with Canadian Kwakas. It is certainly a pleasure to stay with family as part of our holiday. We’ve enjoyed fall colour in and around Bowmanville. To keep the gunzel experience going we visited the York – Durham Railway – run earnestly by volunteers and had a ball! For those with a polish influence, the local Oshawa Polish Club has great perogies and cabbage roles, highly recommended.

As I write, I am watching the weather forecast, there appears to be a lot of snow…. But not here yet!!!!

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