les Baux de Provence

les Baux de Provence
Originally uploaded by Helen K.

Part of our longest cycle (60 km’s) involved cycling up a 400 meter climb (according to the lonely planet), to les Baux de Provence. The day started off bad, as we had intended to set out early – however the re-occuring puncture returned and we waited for the guy to turn up with a new tyre- by &&ish we were back on the road again. 3.5 hours later and a lot of cycling behind us… the hill climb started after Paradou… and just kept going… and going. We stopped twice only to have a drink of water, as it was 35°( and take some photos)! But at no time did we walk the bikes up that hill. Goal achieved! After we parked our bikes we also walked up a number of stairs to the town (those lunges came in use after all). The town itself has lovely buildings (bought some great biscuits which we have eaten), but very touristy. Worth the hill climb!

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