Start of Stage 7 – Luneville

Start of Stage 7 – Luneville
Originally uploaded by kdt.

We saw three stages of the tour de France in Lorraine, Alsace and Germany.

We saw two starts (and received lots of ree stuff)at Lunéville and Gérardmer, one King of the Mountain at Col de La Schlucht.

There was lots and lots of people and we waited a lonng time but the atmosphere and the caravan kept us going. We had shining sun, rain and cold winds – but it was all good.

At the last start Helen got some good close ups of the riders which we may post later. We screamed to get Stueys attention; while we got our knod we didn’t get his autograph on our waiting cap!

Such is the life of the Tour De France. Next time we go; we will chase the mountains in a motor home and satellite TV!!!!!!!!!!

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