Start of Stage 9 – Gèrardmer

Originally uploaded by kdt.

On Sunday we had our best position for the start of the race – as the cyclists had to go by in order to get in the position for the start.

We arrived at 8am in order to get a good spot – and the race didn’t start until 12pm. Thankfully it did not rain, or have a cold wind like the previous days. During this time (it is amazing how fast it goes), a number of the sponsors come around and give you giveaways such as coffee (we have 4 small bags to bring home), hats, banging sticks which you inflate, lollies, phone cards etc.

Prior to the race commencing there are a number of presentations for junior cyclists, the caravan with all the sponsors leaves An hour before the start, as well as the cyclists signing in.

We did take an Australian flag with us – the only one we saw on this day. We didn’t get anything signed (Stuart O’Grady went to the other side of the road – must of been the flag), but we took some great photos. It was fantastic!


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