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Of course I should be writing a blog entry about the beauty of the Taj Mahal and how the passionate love of a Mughal Emperor created this masterpiece. But how can a thumbnail do it any justice? So you’ll just have to make your own way to India to truly appreciate it… or perhaps with a small bribe we will show some photos on our return…

Anyway this photo is of Chand Baori in Abhaneri step. The guide that followed us around (without really asking whether we wanted one) told as a few things about it. It appears to have been built around 900 and is a huge step well – we think apparently a queen powedered her nose in one of the rooms and slept in in another or so I am led to believe. Of course, had I brought my trusty Lonley Planet with me I could have sounded authoritative. But trust me it has a lot of steps and is rather impressive.


  1. John P · March 1, 2007

    Hi Kym, Helen,Sent you an email about letters. Love your blog but get concerned when we don\’t hear for a while, but I know what it\’s like.Look after yourselves and keep up the good news stories.JP


  2. Anonymous · March 1, 2007

    Hi Helen and Kym,Now hopefully I will succeed in leaving this comment! The one I wrote earlier in the week (about how glad I was that you\’d been to a library so soon!) did not work..Anyway, the Abhaneri step well looks a lot more impressive that my local wells at Two Wells (although I have this week shown a Melbournite (and librarian) the wells.Anyway, hope you are both staying safe, your adventures so far are so interesting.Cheers,Kimberley


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