Village Life…

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After viewing the Taj Mahal at sunrise (while it was cloudly the sun did come through and it was very beautiful!), we headed off to Peharsar, where we stayed at the Chandra Mahal Haveli. Peharsar is a very quite village of approximately 5000. We arrived at around 3pm, and after a light lunch of pokoras (sorry if the spelling is wrong – don’t have time to check!) we went for a walk around the village with a guide. The guide was there to tell the children to go away when they got too carried away. Althought you sometimes wonder who is the attraction – strange white tourists from Australia (ah yes – Ricky Ponting – and I know practically nothing about cricket), or the villagers. Although on this occassion I think this time it was us. Discussion with the locals went from “What is your name?”, “what is your country”. The walk took us around the whole village, where we were shown the chicken harem, past the school, pharmacy, farm areas and well. Along the way we came across a water well, where women were lifting water, as there is no pump. They even let me have a go at lifting a container full of water (which I might add was very very very deep) up to the surface. It held approx. 10 litres of water. After the water is pulled up from the well, it goes into another container, and put on the top of their head where they carry it back to their house. The women in the village do this a number of times a day. It really makes you appreciate the life that we have.
Peharsar Originally uploaded by kdt.

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