Rajasthan Explained

Some of you have wondered about our recent lack of posts. It can be explained thus…

From Jaipur we had two big days of driving. Both around 6 hours which meant we were pretty tired at the end of each day. We then had the pleasure of staying in wonderful Udaipur certainly, in our humble view, the most picturesque city we have seen on our holiday. At this point we managed to fill up our two Compact Flash cards – yes guys you’ll be seeing thousands of photos at our next slide show. So our opportunity to blog was eaten up by trying to get some CDs burned. Normally an easy task but our very friendly internet “cum” – yes that is the Indian spelling – telephone cum general store had a big nasty virus on his computer which spread to our compact flash card!! Ripper, went down the road to some young blokes, who could be in a bollywood film, to de-virs our compact flash card and burn a CD. So that is why you haven’t heard from us.

Also, it may have something to do with Jaipur Belly for one of us! Guess which one.

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