For Chris A….

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Finally found the shop nearly at the end of our first full day in Tokyo. Chris – just for the record, officeworks pales into comparison. It just wont be the same when I come home.
We were there for over an hour. I loved every minute.

Expensive pens, cheap pens, clips, paper [cheap and handmade] stamps and things I haven’t even seen before. Unfortunately Kym was there… “do you realy that. ohh… no…” 9 floors of heaven. When we went inside the store it was daylight, when we finished it was nighttime. 🙂

I need to think of a reason to go back before we go home.



  1. BW · March 28, 2008

    you are a nutter, but glad you found the shop and it met your crazy expectations!!!


  2. KS · March 30, 2008

    Heh heh, this sounds like heaven to me too – better than officeworks!?


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